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La Molina Lima Peru Real Estate and Property

Take a drive, heading east away from the heart of Lima along either Avenues Javier Pradoor or Raul Ferrero and you will arrive in the green and uniquely beautiful district of La Molina with its backdrop of stunning, hilly scenery.

La Molina real estate is home to many upscale neighborhoods such as La Planicie, Rinconada and Las Lagunas, to name but a few, where many Peruvian celebrities and political figures have made their homes.

The quiet and beautiful surroundings that initiated a trend for high-class people wanting to own a country home in La Molina, gave rise to the growth of neighborhoods populated exclusively by middle and high-income individuals and families.

La Molina real estate enjoys a very pleasant microclimate with warmer and sunnier winters than many other parts of Lima and is one of the main reasons expats and Peruvians choose to invest or rent in La Molina property and to make their home in this lovely district.

Other attractive features are that La Molina is the location of some of Lima’s best private schools and universities, several modern commercial centers and some exclusive social clubs.

La Molina is by far, one of the safest districts of Lima and has the lowest population density.  Therefore, real estate is expensive and is for the most part, characterized by very large and luxurious houses.

Middle to high middle class urbanization is predominant, occupying the largest part of the district, the remainder of which is mainly comprised of upper class residencies.

La Molina is not the place to go if you are looking for a modest home or studio apartment.  Real estate that does become available in this district usually realizes the owner’s asking price so there is little room for negotiation, even in a buyer’s market.  If you find a property in Molina that you really like, it would be unwise to hesitate or put in an unrealistically low offer.

If there is anything negative to be said about living in La Molina, it is that the two main thoroughfares that connect the district to the city center become very congested at peak traffic hours.  However, residents are willing to accept this inconvenience as the price they have to pay for living in one of the most exclusive residential districts of Lima.

While New York has Central Park and London has Kensington, Lima has La Molina of which the city is rightly proud to show off as an example of progress and development that has been achieved in Peru.

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