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Miraflores Peru Real Estate and Property

Miraflores Real Estate & Property

Tourists, History, Parks, and The Ocean

One of the most popular districts to live in Lima, Peru for expatriates is Miraflores.

Miraflores is the tourist heart of Lima and offers many tourist-type attractions for all ages.

There are world class restaurants and well known establishments where the artists and writers of Lima congregate. Not to mention the great casinos and incredible shopping. There is even an IMAX cinema that offers the latest box office hits. For the younger crowd, some attractions may include the varied dance clubs located on “Pizza Street”, near the Parque Kennedy. And these dance clubs are also scattered throughout Miraflores.

The prime ocean front real estate of Miraflores is located along the boardwalk, called the Malecon. The Malecon offers many restaurants and the spectacular shopping center Larcomar. The shopping choices, the excellent restaurants, and the tourist savvy establishments make this area just one of many excellent choices for a buying or renting Miraflores areal estate.

Additionally there are many very nice houses, condos, and apartments available to rent or buy throughout Miraflores itself. These can range from the area on Central Miraflores as well as great locations adjoining the many parks scattered around Miraflores.

Many of the existing properties located in Miraflores that are for sale or rent offer security and piece of mind for their residents.

They may offer video surveillance of the property or a 24-hour concierge to monitor the property. The condos and apartments frequently will have remote controlled entrances via the garage or main entrance. The owners can be assured that safety is a priority and will be maintained at the highest levels of professionalism.

Typical facets of the everyday life here in Peru involve being able to find shops and convenience or mini-stores called “bodegas” within walking distance. Most of the shopping centers you will find in and around Miraflores properties offer many of the conveniences found in 1st world countries. There are McDonald’s, Chile’s and Starbucks stores among some of the popular names. Fast-food along with the more sophisticated restaurants offer international cuisines and native dishes alike.

Whether you choose a to rent or purchase a Miraflores property along the boardwalk or near many of the dynamic parks, why not look for us to help you with your next real estate needs Lima Peru.

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