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Lima Peru Real Estate, Miraflores Apartments, San Isidro Property, and La Molina Houses

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Lima Peru Real Estate Property For Sale and Rent Buyers Agent

If you are looking for real estate in Lima, Peru then you have found the right place…

Lima Peru property is a little hard to figure out. There is no MLS or listing services like we are used to in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, or Europe. To learn the market here in Lima you have to have experience in the Peru real estate market. And we have just that experience…

When moving to Lima most expatriates move to one of these popular areas of Lima

  • Miraflores – the popular living and main tourist area of Lima
  • San Isidro – the Manhattan of Lima
  • Barranco – the arts district right on the Pacific
  • Chorrillos – another great area on the Pacific
  • Chacarilla – centrally located and secure
  • San Borja – another great centrally located place to live
  • Surco – Where the US Embassy is and the popular El Polo shopping and dining area
  • La Molina – A suburb up a mountain – very safe and secure

Miraflores Real Estate – Apartments, Condos, and Houses

Miraflores is a great area next to the Pacific Ocean. This area has a lot to offer because it is the tourist district of Lima.

Finding a house in this area can be a challenge. So, most buyers or renters will be looking to buy or rent a Miraflores apartment or condominium.

San Isidro Property – Apartments and Condos

San Isidro is the business district of Lima, Peru. I would equate this area to Manhattan in New York or the Gold Coast in Chicago.

San Isidro real estate mainly consists of large houses and large apartments. This is the pricier area of Lima but you have all of the amenities of a large modern capital city. Most of the houses stay within families for generations. So, the best properties in the San Isidro real estate market are apartments and condominiums.

Additionally, San Isidro is home to many of the embassies in Lima. With the exception of the US embassy which is in Surco.

La Molina Real Estate – Houses and Estates

Sunny La Molina is a suburb located north east of Lima. Did you see I mentioned “sunny”? That is one of the main attractions when people are looking for La Molina real estate that is for sale or for rent! It has a lot more sun than Miraflores or San Isidro.

And La Molina is where you can find houses with large yards, swimming pools, etc. This is where most expatriates want to live if they have children. It is very safe and most of the Lima private schools are in La Molina.